Jon Moniaci

Brooklyn, NY

Software engineer, musician, composer.

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About Me

  • I have over 15 years of experience leading teams that design, implement and deploy scalable web-based applications. I provide technical leadership that supports the enigeering team while also interfacing with executive teams to align technical strategy with organizational vision. I have seen projects succeed and I have seen projects fail. These experiences continually inform my ideas about how a given technical decision will affect users and shape the future of the software and business. In addition, I'm also a musician and composer, having written music for and collaborated extensively with dance and performance makers in New York City. I see these two activities as creative actions, in support of each other. They have similar challenges (where do I begin? what is collaboration? what will the audience experience? what will a user feel?) and both bring into the world something that did not exist before.

    In the last 10 years I have become an expert in Ruby on Rails, and before that PHP/Symfony. I have extensive experience with database design and normalization and storage engines including MySQL, Postgres, Redis and Memcached. I have managed teams writing modern javascript (React, Turbo Hotwire). I am experienced in deploying highly reliable web applications to both cloud (Amazon AWS) and bare-metal infrastructures. I have written algorithmically generated music in LISP and synthesized sound using CSound and Max/MSP. I believe in one-button deploys, in-depth testing (headless Selenium), fat models/thin controllers and pair programming.

Work Experience

  • 2023-Present


    Senior Software Engineer

  • 2011-2023


    Director of Engineering

    Founding technical employee, responsible for specifying and implementing technical solutions based on business needs. Hired and managed small team of engineers and designers. Continually engaged with management and outside advisors to discover and suggest solutions. Ultimately responsible for the reliability, scalability and maintainability of the full technology stack. Oversaw development, testing and deployment of web-based applications and REST APIs.

  • 2011

    Red Rover

    Senior Engineer

    Responsible for managing point-of-interest (POI) datasets and creating geo-aware search algorithms to return relevant POI results to mobile apps and web clients. Converted time handling throughout the entire stack to be timezone aware. Worked closely with the CTO and engineering team to specify and implement features.

  • 2009-2010

    Talent Maven

    Chief Technology Officer

    Led this early-stage startup from prototype through alpha and beta launch. Migrated code architecture from a vertically to horizontally scalable model. Developed scalable processes for delivering compute-expensive social graph features. Integrated internal systems via REST interfaces. Worked closely with company founders to outline and implement application features, goals, budgets and timelines.

  • 2008-2009



    Designed and implemented web-based applications for several clients including Freelancers Union, Talent Maven and Movement Research. Managed cloud-based infrastructures to deliver APIs and web applications reliably and redundantly.

  • 2005-2008

    Freelancers Union

    Lead Engineer, Chief Architect (Technology)

    Led the development team, including setting coding standards, choosing frameworks and libraries, and integrating internal systems. Developed enterprise-wide application architecture. Responsible for bare-metal server provisioning and administration. Led an organizational shift to open-source concepts and solutions.

  • 2003-Present

    Composer & Musician,

    Interested in electro-acoustic improvisation and listening as musical experience. Collaborate with dance and performance makers including Beth Gill, Chris Peck, Stephen Rush, Chase Granoff, Anna Sperber, Alex Escalante and others. Develop custom performance interfaces and synthesis engines in Max/MSP to support live improvisation with laptops and acoustic instruments.

  • 1999-2005



    Web design and application development for clients including Ford Motor Company, University of Michigan, Clarkston State Bank, Vinnie Johnson, Ligon Brothers Automotive, VRex Technologies, Piston Automotive, Out Loud Creations.


  • 2003

    Bachelor of Fine Arts

    University of Michigan (Ann Arbor). School of Music.

    Received degree in Performing Arts Technology, Music Concentration. Studied signal processing, synthesis, algorithmic composition (LISP), programming, music composition, performance with electronics and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Publication, Teaching, Awards

  • 2009-2017

    Crystal Mooncone

    Recording Project

    In collaboration with Stephen Rush and Chris Peck. Discography includes Escape Beam Five, 2017 (Innova Recordings); Escape Cone Listening Beam 4, 2013; Escape Cone Listening Beam III, 2011 (Deep Listening Institute); Escape Cone Listening Beam II, 2009.

  • 2014

    Dance/Music Improvisation Master Classes

    University of California, Santa Barbara. University of Michigan (Ann Arbor).

    Conducted in collaboration with Stephen Rush and Chris Peck.

  • 2011

    New York Dance and Performance "Bessie" Award


    Received in recognition of outstanding music composition for Beth Gill's dance Electric Midwife.

  • 2009

    Movement Research Performance Journal


    Published by Movement Research, NYC.